Explicitation in English-Persian Parallel Texts

  • Mohammad Rahbar Islamic Azad University, Quchan Branch


This paper attempts to trace strategies of explicitation in English-Persian parallel texts. For this purpose, Jack London’s White Fang (1906) and its translation into Persian (Sepeed Dandan) translated by Soleimani (2008) were used as a basis for analysis. Samples of texts were selected and examined, with the specific purpose of identifying instances of explicitation and explaining the reasons behind the occurrence of explicitation in the texts. It was found that there are cases of explicitation in the form of lexical additions in the Persian translated text compared to the original English text. In addition to that, adjustments were also made in the Persian translated text in order to overcome cultural differences. It was found that there are also instances of shifts of cohesion and coherence in the target text through the use of adverbs and adverbial conjunctions.
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