Challenges for Lexicography in Iran


  • Erfan Qaneeifard


The objective of this paper is to introduce the challenges that face the lexicography’s process in Iran in order to caution those who are interested in lexicography that as long as modern principles and methods of monolingual and bilingual lexicography are not observed and the lexicographer is not equipped with the necessary expertise and skill of the field, these shortcomings of the standard principles and consequent critical reviews will persist in the lexicography and dictionary-related domains in Iran. This complicated disorder will constantly increase until some logical and scientific solution can be found for the above-mentioned fundamental challenges. Admittedly, it is not enough to discuss this matter in just a single paper. The objectives of this survey are to provide a relatively different attitude, to find out a standard method of compiling better dictionaries, to look for new horizons and professional strategies of editing dictionaries based on modern scientific up-to-date principles and to remove existing shortcomings.



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