Translation of Fiction: A Sociosemiotic Approach


  • Fazel Asadi
  • Tahereh Samenian


The purpose of this paper is to investigate the nature of fiction translation and to explore the impact of application of sociosemiotic approach on translation of fiction. The applicability of the sociosemiotic approach to translation of fiction is examined from two perspectives: theory basis and translation practice. Four qualified professors with PhD degrees in Teaching, Linguistics, Literature and Translation participated in this study by completing three surveys about translations of Joyce’s “Araby” and giving scores to them according to certain criteria such as: title, genre (myth and archetype), setting and atmosphere, point of view, tone, symbolism, epiphany, allusion, imagery and intertexuality. The findings confirm significant effects. The conclusion may be drawn that this type of translation method deserves significant attention during the development in other sciences.



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