English Translations of the Glorious Qur’an: An Annotated Bibliography


  • Alireza Anoushirvani


The translation of the Holy Qur'an into English is of special importance, for many nations throughout the world obtain their knowledge of the Qur'an through its English translation. I have undertaken the task of surveying the existing English translations of the Qur'an and drawing up an annotated bibliography for the scholars interested in this field. The present bibliography includes only complete translations of the Holy Qur'an in English. With respect to those translators whose English translations have been published several times, I have chosen the most recent edition. However, if a new print is accompanied by revisions or if it is published under a new title, then it is mentioned under a new entry as an independent edition. Attempt has been made to provide full and precise bibliographical specifications unless such information either does not exist in the book or could not be retrieved. The bibliographical information is alphabetically arranged in terms of the translator’s name. Under each entry, annotations have been provided.



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