The Analyzability of Translational Language as a Third Code: SL/ST and TL Centripetal and ‎Centrifugal Force

  • Gholam Reza Tajvidi
  • Mohammad Reza Rezaeian Delouei


The purpose of the present theoretical-conceptual research was to analyze features of ‎translational language as a third code. Firstly, third code is defined and the demarcation between ‎third code and translationese is highlighted. Then, the relation between source code and third ‎code is analyzed, and the third code is described as being both dependent on and independent of ‎the ST and SL. Third code is described as revealing varying degrees of visibility of the source code, ‎sometimes reducible to the source code itself. Not only third code, but also source and target ‎codes may consist of any number of codes, apart from SL and TL codes. Furthermore, not only the ‎ST itself, but also the SL affects the third code. Finally, the relation between target code and third ‎code is investigated to show that third code might deviate either from target system or from target ‎norm of usage.‎