The Qualitative Assessment of Arabic Translation of Nezami's Haft Peikar Based on Antoine Berman's Theory: A Case Study of al-Arāes al-Sab’ of Abdul Aziz al-Baghghush

  • Ali Afzali
  • Marziyeh Datubar


Antoine Berman, with his theory "tendances déformantes" (deformation tendencies), emphasized on the importance of the Other by underscoring the original text. He believed that translators must respect the original text and be faithful toward it. In this paper, we examine the Arabic translation of Haft Peikar by Abdul Aziz Al-Baghghush, using seven parameters of Berman's theory. The conclusion shows the main reasons of deviation in Arabic translation from Haft Peikar of Nezami are as follows: translator's incompetence in the Persian language, grammatical and lexical differences between Arabic and Persian and naturally mismatch of culture, civilization, and traditions between these two nations.

Author Biographies

Ali Afzali
Assistant Professor, Department of the Arabic Language and Literature, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran
Marziyeh Datubar
M.A. Student, Department of the English Language and Literature, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran