Map of Translation Research in Iran: A Local Meta-analysis


  • Reza Arta


The valuable background of research on translation in Iran propelled us to measure the strengths and weaknesses of the present state of Translation Studies in Iran. For this purpose, 956 research projects published in the form of dissertations and journal articles were analyzed using Van Doorslaer’s (2009) classification of research areas in Translation Studies with a few modifications. The results showed research on translation act has been slightly more frequent than research on translation studies. On the level of translation practice, written translation was the most favorable compared to multimedia translation and interpreting. Regarding written translation, the studies focused on translation strategies, textual elements in translation and translation mode. In translation studies research, approaches to translation and applied research on translation studies were more common than the other two subcategories i.e. translation theories and research methods. From among the subareas of applied translation studies, translation didactics received the most attention and translation evaluation, terminology, technology, and institutional and professional environments were the next most prevalent subareas respectively.

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Reza Arta

M.A. in Translation Studies, Kerman Higher Education, Kerman, Iran



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