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Iranian Historiography of Translation:

A Basic Outline and Its Epistemological Underpinnings


  • Parviz Rassouli 📧 Ph. D. Candidate in Translation Studies, Department of English Translation Studies, Faculty of Persian Literature and Foreign Languages, Allameh Tabataba'i University, Tehran


This paper aims at relying on Iranian historiography and synthesizing it with central issues in translation studies to lay out an outline of Iranian historiography of translation. Having presented a brief introduction as well as the significance, the ultimate goal, and the starting point of Iranian historiography of translation, the paper applied Javad Tabataba'i’s theory and its historiographical foundations to solidify the epistemological underpinnings of Iranian historiography of translation. Tabataba'i’s approach to writing the history of Iran, the fundamental history, Iran as a problem, national consciousness, and the idea of great cultural Iran were explicated and extended in relation to Iranian historiography of translation. The result was finally presented as an attempt at surpassing the Eurocentrization governing (historical) translation studies and developing indigenous theoretical approaches in Iran. Iranian historiography of translation, focused on translation in and of Iran, can contribute to research on history of translation theory and practice in Iran. Moreover, the emphasis on the relevance between history of translation and history of thought can shed light on intellectual-cum-historical developments of Iran. Furthermore, establishing an epistemological relation between translation and Iran, Iranian historiography of translation can actualize the Iranian theorizing about translation


Epistemology, Historiography of translation, Iranian historiography, Translation of Iran


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