Chimerical Idea of Total Equivalence in Translating the Word of Allah


  • Salar Manafi Anari


Equivalence is a controversial concept discussed so widely in translation studies. Some theorists take it to be fundamental in translation theory and define translation in terms of equivalence, while others consider it a chimerical idea impossible to be realized, especially in translating literary and religious texts. The first group of theorists make a distinction between identity and equivalence and maintain that it is the equivalence, and not identity, that should be sought in translating, whereas for the second group looking for equivalence is in fact indulging in an unrealistic fancy that cannot be realized. The present article is an attempt to discuss various types of equivalence to see whether they can convey the total meaning of the Word of Allah or not. The result of this study shows that it is impossible to reproduce the complete equivalence of the Word of Allah in any translation, no matter how precise it may be.



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