A Study of Radif in a Ghazal by Hafiz and its Russian Translation


  • Mahnush Eskandary
  • Ali Saeidi


This study examines the Russian translation of a ghazal by Hafiz and shows the difficulties of ghazal translation. The special features and qualities of poetry which are absent in prose render poetry translation more challenging. The present paper studies how radif in a ghazal by Hafiz is translated into Russian. Moreover, the semantic, syntactic, morphological and cultural features of radif are analyzed. Since form and content are highly intertwined in Hafiz poems, translation of radif becomes even more difficult. The results of the study revealed that the translator could not reach the deepest layers of Hafiz poem and produce an acceptable translation.

Author Biographies

Mahnush Eskandary

Assistant Professor, Department of Russian Language and Literature, Allameh Tabataba’i University

Ali Saeidi

PhD Candidate, Russian Department, University of Tehran



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Eskandary, M., & Saeidi, A. (2017). A Study of Radif in a Ghazal by Hafiz and its Russian Translation. Translation Studies Quarterly, 14(55). Retrieved from https://journal.translationstudies.ir/ts/article/view/409



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