Manifestations of Translation in Written Works of Naser Khosrow


  • Ali Mohammad Poshtdar


Naser Khosrow Qobadiani (394–481 A.H.), a 5th century philosopher and poet, is of the legendary ‎figures in the realm of science and art. To meet the requirements for numerous Persian works and ‎poems, due to his intimacy with Arabic language, and being of the first Persian-speaking literati, he ‎has translated many philosophical and religious terms from Arabic into Persian. In this direction, ‎investigating manifestations of translation in Naser Khosrow’s works and his techniques for ‎choosing lexis is the subject of this research which is carried out using library content analysis. A ‎notable result of this study that one can point to is Naser Khosrow’s religious and jurisprudential ‎equivalents in his written works and his philosophical interpretations in the principles of faith. ‎Every one of the equivalents is significant and provides special illumination, which proves the ‎potentiality of the Persian language in finding equivalence and also the breadth and generativity of ‎its word formation (conjugation, derivation, etc.) methods.‎



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