Application of Corpora in Translation


  • Tayebeh Mosavi Miangah


We live in the world of technology, and computers with their numerous application areas are increasingly coming over our private as well as business lives. And translators are not exceptions in this respect. Compiling and using corpora are among computer applications which are of great help for translators. This article looks at the problems in translation process that can be easily solved as well as benefits that are gained using monolingual and bilingual corpora. However, the main concern here is to show the advantages of monolingual target corpora as translation aides, while the advantages of the different forms of bilingual corpora will be fully discussed in another article. The aim of this paper is to illustrate two ways in which students can exploit the monolingual target corpora in order to improve the quality of their translations: finding information about collocates, especially adjectives that collocate with nouns, and verifying or rejecting decisions on a translation equivalent for a specific term or phrase.



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