Translation Workshop: A Study of What Is Needed


  • Ramin Rahimy


The question of juxtaposing two languages has been a long-term controversy since the early stages of the scientific study of language. However, rendering from a language into another maintaining the original message, which is in fact, referred to as ‘translation’ can be looked upon from at least two points of view: namely, a theoretical framework and a practical basis. In the translator-training courses at Iranian universities, the former is dealt with in the form of some theoretical modules taught in class, and the latter is implemented in a translation workshop. Yet the actual representation of the theoretical framework needs a special environment as well as the necessary facilities. The present article aims at dealing with this environment and any probable deficiencies. Also, a possible relationship between theory and practice in such cases is discussed. An attempt is also made to avoid a highly technical and specialized discussion, sticking merely to highly relevant points.



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