The Effect of Teaching English Basic Sentence Patterns on the Students' Translation Quality


  • Seyed Mehdi Mansouri
  • Ramin Rahimy


The aim of this article is to investigate three different models of presenting and teaching sentence structure and their effects on more beneficial comprehension of translation unit. Although sentence is, perhaps, claimed to be the best unit of translation, observations and experiences have indicated that translation trainees sometimes encounter serious problems in rendering units of translation from or to different languages. Thus, the question this study tried to answer was whether there were a relationship between the type of sentence structure model and the trainees’ better performance on a test of translation. To answer this question, 45 Iranian students of Translator-Training Programme were selected and randomly assigned to three groups. After a treatment with three different models of sentence structure, the students were tested on translation. The data were analysed using a one-way ANOVA, and it was concluded that difference in the model of teaching affects students’ better performance on translation.



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Mansouri, . S. M., & Rahimy, R. (2004). The Effect of Teaching English Basic Sentence Patterns on the Students’ Translation Quality. Translation Studies Quarterly, 2(7-8). Retrieved from



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