The Holy Qur’an: Translation and Ideological Presuppositions


  • Hussein Mollanazar
  • S. Mohammad Mohaqeq


Translation is an operation carried out on language use. This undoubtedly means that translation itself is always a site of ideological encounters. Throughout centuries, individuals and institutions have applied their particular beliefs to the production of certain effects in translation. This paper intends to study the effect of translators' ideological presuppositions on the Qur'an translations. The method followed in this study is descriptive and the researchers do not intend to judge the correctness of translations or appropriateness of the application of translators' ideological presuppositions.



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Mollanazar, H., & Mohaqeq, S. M. (2005). The Holy Qur’an: Translation and Ideological Presuppositions. Iranian Journal of Translation Studies, 3(11). Retrieved from



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