Translation and Movement of Structures


  • Saeed Ketabi
  • Abolfazl Mosaffa Jahromi


This article is an attempt to demonstrate the role of movement in translation in the framework of Chomskyan Universal Grammar. Specifiers as the landing site of moved phrases play a fundamental part in producing different structures driven from the same sentence, hence their pivotal roles in stylistic translation. Specifiers of IP and CP, though indirectly and beyond the theory, have the ability to account for discoursal factors including implicatures derived from word order and thematization. This proviso enables UG to work out extra linguistic factors in translating into TL in the wake of SL structure, implicatures and style by and large. Allied to specifiers of IP is the pro-drop nature of SL and TL which is apt to be the second influential stylistic factor on a par with movement into specifier of CP. The power of specifiers for accounting both linguistic and nonlinguistic factors makes Chomskyan formal linguistics more advisable as a base for translation studies accordingly.



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