Concurrent Strategies in Translating into Persian Matthew Arnold's "To Marguerite—Continued"


  • Farhad Koolinia
  • Hussein Mollanazar


This paper is a descriptive account of the communicative strategies developed in the process of translating into Persian Arnold's "To Marguerite — Continued". The description is mainly based on the model developed by Krings (1986), that is, comprehension, equivalent retrieval, equivalent monitoring, decision-making, and reduction, though the boundary between equivalent monitoring and decision-making is difficult to determine and even their hierarchical order seems polemical. In some cases, however, the models resorted to are those proposed by others that are pointed to in the paper.



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Koolinia, F., & Mollanazar, H. (2005). Concurrent Strategies in Translating into Persian Matthew Arnold’s "To Marguerite—Continued". Translation Studies Quarterly, 3(9). Retrieved from



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